Informations for Speakers

Financial Disclosure Form  
  • Speakers are kindly requested to go the Speakers’ Ready Room at least 3 hours prior to their presentation; otherwise it will not be possible to include their presentation in the system.
  • All the Meeting Rooms will be equipped with PC projection (16/9 full HD).
  • We kindly suggest you to have an additional copy of the presentation on CD, DVD or on USB Memory stick 3.0 and to make sure with the technicians of the Speakers’ Ready Room that your tools are compatible with the equipment of the congress. Speakers are also requested to be in the session room at least 30 minutes before their presentation.
  • Presentations must be prepared with the MS Power Point (16:9 slide format) programme for all the Meeting Rooms.
  • All the PCs in the Speakers’ Ready Room and in the Meeting Rooms will be equipped with the latest updated version of OFFICE and video codec as follows : WMV, MPEG-2, DIVX, H.264. Speakers using videos with a different codec are kindly requested to provide, together with their presentation, the installations files of the used codecs to enable technicians to install them. This is the only procedure able to guarantee the right visualization.
  • For MAC users: whoever wishes to show a presentation elaborated on a MAC will have to go to the Speakers’ Ready Room for the necessary conversion of the file. In the event of videos or other conversion issues, the MAC computer will be connected directly to the projector in the conference room, when equipped with the HDMI adaptor, both in the Auditorium and in the other Meeting Rooms.
  • It is not possible to project a film and a PC presentation at the same time, as all Congress Rooms will be equipped with one projector only, able to alternatively project a film or a PC presentation.
  • In rooms equipped with a double podium, speakers shall get ready at the second one a few minutes before the end of the ongoing speech; no presentation can start before the end of the previous one.
Speakers’ Ready Room
For all speakers/instructors, the Speakers’ Ready Room can be found in the Registration Area (floor -1)
WEDNESDAY, 22 MAY 12.00 - 19.00
THURSDAY, 23 MAY 07.00 - 19.00
FRIDAY, 24 MAY 07.00 - 19.00
SATURDAY, 25 MAY 07.00 – 14.00